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Stefanie Cohen

Stefanie Cohen

Stefanie Cohen is referred around the world as one of the strongest female powerlifters in history. Initially from Venezuela, migrating to the USA. Stefanie holds the APA deadlift world record for 402lbs deadlift at 123 lbs of bodyweight.

However, this isn’t Stefanie’s only record in deadlift – her personal best is 501 lbs deadlift at 121 lbs of weight at 5 feet tall. Which is over four times her body weight – something that no woman before Stefanie has ever achieved.

While Stefanie acknowledges the significance of having a coach, she likewise believes how it’s equally important to learn from her own mistakes and experience. This is how she learns what works the best for her body.

Stefanie’s take on dieting is simple and effective. She eats protein-packed foods for muscle recovery, a lot of complex carbohydrates to give her energy to lift heavy weights, and some healthy fats for overall health and hormonal balance.

As for micronutrients, Stefanie gets all of her vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and sparkling water.

Weight (kg)


Height (cm)


USA, Venezuela


Powerlifter, Training Coach


- Weightlifting: • Florida Senior State Gold Medalist, 2015 • Illinois Senior State Gold Medalist and Record Holder, 2015 - Powerlifting: • 501 lbs deadlift with straps (Personal Record) • APA Deadlift World Record, 402lbs (-123lb) • APA Total World Record, 900lbs (-123lb) - Soccer: • NCAA (D1) Soccer Player for San Diego State 2009-10 • U17 Venezuelan National Soccer Team 2006-09


Bodybuilder, Female, Powerlifter, Training Coach



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